Food handling – As safe as it is appealing

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Most people appreciate the value of well served meals during events. While people still take it upon themselves to prepare food for gatherings it is very common for people to hire caterers. Food, like the fire that cooks it, is pleasant in the hands of a skillful master and dangerous when it’s not properly handled. For instance, few things ruin the memory of a wedding more than returning home with a running stomach. It is important to develop a basic understanding of how to handle food to ensure that the food is as safe as it is appealing. Let’s consider some ways to ensure the 4Cs of food handling when working with many people.

An Environment for Food Handling

While a well designed custom kitchen is the best environment for preparing your food, you may find yourself working in places where you have to adapt. 

Separate Food Handling Space

You need to create a separate space for food. You would need to be in a space you can control and ensure the best practices for food handling. For that, not only will you need secluded room but also containers and food coverings. Keep the number of people in contact with food at a minimum.

Water, Sanitizers, and other cleaning agents

Cleanliness is obviously of paramount importance. It is therefore pertinent to have a supply of clean water, detergents and equipment. This, together with the right cleaning methods will minimize the risk of food contamination. These supplies should cater for everyone, not just the people directly involved with the food. Otherwise, you would still be exposed to the risks.

Get all the supplies you need on time

Timing is a mark of proficiency when cooking and event planning. This applies to gathering ingredients as well. Even though perishables should be used fresh, you should not get to the point of waiting for ingredients while cooking. 

Enough Energy to keep the fire burning

 Since overcooking or undercooking can ruing the meal, you must ensure you have enough energy to keep the stove alive. You may also want to warm some food. 

Direct the Complete process of food handling with authority and skill

As the one responsible for serving the food, your reputation is on the line if anything goes wrong. Fortunately, you can direct how the food is handled with expert power. You decide when and how the meal is served. For instance you can can ensure that everyone’s hands are washed before they get the food.


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