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Zimbabwean Artist Thomas Mwasangwale has impressed Connie Fergusson through a painting of her late husband Shona
Shona Ferguson now in Mwasangwale’s Hall of Fame.

On 30 July 2021 we lost Aaron Arthur Ferguson who was professionally known as Shona Ferguson. Time would do it’s best to erode the memory of the actor, executive producer and businessman. However, Shona’s image stands vividly distinct in his legacy and also in a painting by Thomas Mwasangwale. The painting was handed to Connie Ferguson in honor of her late husband. Shona and Connie met on 31 July 2001. And now 20 years later Covid-19 took Shona away. The couple had started Ferguson films in 2010. Connie is not in an easy moment and many people stand with her in mourning. Among them, is Thomas who expressed his support through a gift made with passion.

Thomas Mwasangwale, a Zimbabwean Artist currently based in South Africa, usually pays his respect through his brushes. He has masterfully painted many famous faces and shared some of his work on his Facebook page. And as Shona’s painting enters Mwasangwale’s hall of fame, we know that paint doesn’t forget. There are many things to say but sometimes the paint, brushes and the art captures much of it on a single canvas. Like the great man of old times, Shona emerges with a lasting impression wherever the painting is hung.

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