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Buddie is a well-known brand in Zimbabwe, but perhaps the man who founded the company that owns the brand is more familiar to the rest of the world. That would be none other than Strive Masiyiwa. While Masiyiwa is now a billionaire, even Britain’s first black billionaire on the Sunday Times Rich List, earlier in life he didn’t have all that money. That’s to say he has made significant strides in his life. Indeed, there are a lot of factors that come into play for someone to rise like that. But the particular focus here is how he may have improved his lifestyle with innovation. And that has something to do with Buddie Beatz, Run on the Beat Virtual Marathon.

The thing with technology is that; it can be available but it will stay there until someone has the mind to use it.

You don’t have to invent, just make use of..

It’s said, Strive quit his Job and started a business with the equivalent of $75.What did he combine with this $75 to get to a billion? Obviously, in following his path you can’t exactly repeat what he did but you can learn something. He posts many insights, and details of his life that you may find inspiring. How did Strive get so successful? It could be luck, hard work, faith and all those things but here we are just focusing on innovation. The man didn’t invent, he just introduced a new product. Or maybe took an old product to a new market or context. The thing with technology is that; it can be available but it will stay there until someone has the mind to use it. So, Strive had the mind to Start Econet Wireless. From Econet there is the brand Buddie and then now Buddie Beatz.

Buddie Beatz Run The Beat Virtual Marathonat

Connecting the dots

Buddie Beatz is a music app that offers access to music from across Africa. You can check it out by clicking here. The app helps musicians to monetize their works. Buddie also offers a service that allows you to “express yourself to your callers” with a personalized caller ring back tone. This all came up because advancement in technology has changed the way we listen to music and how music is distributed. But then it’s not all limited to the way we consume information. The information itself, together with innovative use of technology inspires lifestyle changes. Econet Wireless now sponsors the Budde Beatz Run the Beat Virtual Marathon. The virtual marathon now connects musicians, fans, and athletes in a fitness challenge.

The way we share experiences has changed, and with it, the meaning of social and business connections. It is in events like these that we see the highlights in the application of technology to improve our lives.

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