Catness on “we are what we eat”, we are only getting the scraps

Catness strongly believes we are what we eat
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Rumbidzai Catherene Chigama, also known as Catness, said there is more to the “we are what we eat” mantra than we imagine. Catness draws from her knowledge of food science and passion for healthy living.

Catness on “we are what we eat”
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If we think food is just fuel, we may as well be getting only the scraps. Food not only affects our physical health but our mood as well. When we think of what to eat and what not to eat there are foods with obvious issues. It’s not just about how they taste but how we feel and who we become. We generally know how alcohol can influence our mood or health. This is because the effects of alcohol are usually obvious. Nutritional deficiencies may also have a visible impact on a person’s state. There is growing evidence that food influences our mood. To inspire others to consider our diet choices Catness shares about food on social media and whenever she gets the chance. However, these days she is focused on mental health. If we are what we eat, then maybe our mental health can also benefit from better choices about our diet.

Preparing your own meal can be a happy experience

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