Even The Province of Elephants is not all elephants – enjoy diversity

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Because it’s so massive, the elephant, usually claims dominion over territories they enter. None the less, the lion, holds the title of King Of The Jungle. At Gonarezhou though, elephants not only have size but the numbers to be prominent. But that is only to an extent man will allow or facilitate. For all the strengths of beasts, we the people surpass by the mind. Somewhere in our story, we declared it a province of elephants; Gonarezhou. Yet, it’s not only a place of elephants, but diversity.

The stories we tell should embrace diversity

In creating fables I think the storytellers had to choose a king of all the animals between the lion and the elephant. The lion is aggressive, tactical and fierce. This territorial cat, governs with distinction in battle and a consistent show of power. The lion seems to be fierce enough to have the final word. On the other hand the Elephant would make a wiser judgement. His Majesty the Elephant is very serene (when not angrily charging) but also powerful.

In certain stories, the two candidates would rule together in harmony. When the storyline required an unopposed Ruler, the lion would just be the King. Forget the elephant! You would think the elephant is too big to ignore. But well, it can be too big to be in the same domain as the other animals and that’s enough for it to be far outside the core focus. In our stories, we direct attention to things that matter. We zoom in, we zoom out and some things become to big or to small to be noticed in the picture. For instance, Gonarezhou National Park is named so because of the Large herd of elephants, but there is a complex ecosystem there.

Part of variety in the province of elephants

Adjust your focus every once in a while and enjoy the diversity.

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