From Hobby To FT Job; Eugene Shirto’s creativity with wood

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If it’s a job, it’s usually not fun. But usually doesn’t really mean always. Sometimes that hobby you enjoy so much may actually become your full time job. Such is the case of Eugene Shirto. Born (26 August 1977) and raised in Bulawayo Eugene is a self taught artist/Carpenter. He has managed to commercialize and still enjoy his creativity with wood.

Shirto is gifted as an artist and he can still use other medium for his artwork. He has identified his brand (Maplanka Designs) and also his creativity with wood. However a closer look at his work will show you that he excels beyond this specialty.

“I salvage felled trees and create artwork on them,” the craftsman said. Eugene’s art is diverse and it affords him room for self-expression. “I express My love for wild animals wild through my artwork, mainly our country’s own magnificent Big 5.”

Mr Shirto is mostly inspired by nature; “the wildlife of Zimbabwe.” His aim is “to create awareness on preservation.” The man began wood burning art on wood slices as a hobby. 5 years later, the hobby has turned into a fulltime job. Eugene trades as Maplanka Designs. Not only is it a job but opportunity for him to inspire others.

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