Ikoko Video Is Out ▶️ Up Close With Wayne F.O.G

Wayne F.O.G - Ikoko Video Screenshot
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Ikoko Video. Links to more Wayne music : ▶️ https://linktr.ee/WayneFOG ▶️https://audiomack.com/wayne-fog/album/ready-for-love-ep https://youtu.be/bOhaQxjqUQ4

About Wayne F.O.G

Wayne F.O.G is a Zimbabwean Afro pop artist born Tendai Wayne Mukangairwa in 1994 in Harare. Wayne started music in 2014 as a hip hop artist and spent 2 years in the genre. He then discovered his strength was more in melody then switched from hip hop to Afro pop. That’s when he dropped his debut Afro pop song; voice note, in 2017. This track did well on Star FM. Wayne started gaining traction. Since then he has been rising impressively.

Inspiration – What inspires Wayne F.O.G generally..? and what inspired him on this particular track (ikoko)..?

Wayne answered: Real life experiences; past and present experiences is what inspires me. Most the times I sing about what really happens or what happened in the past. When I wrote Ikoko I was inspired by a long distance relationship I was once in and everybody can relate. I was trying to express how hard it is missing someone when they are far away especially in these lockdown times when traveling is not easy.

Challenges – Did you have a smooth journey into music or was it an adventure full of challenges.

FreshMartin | Chunez | Wayne F.O.G

It was really an adventure though it made me strong. Some people tried to demotivate me saying a lot of negative stuff that made want to quit. But I kept on telling myself I am a star I can’t be stopped. And it showed me who is real and who is fake. I have never been really in any fight with other artists. I don’t like negative energy even though sometimes there are temptations.

Message to your fans, aspiring artists and people in the music industry and the world at large…

The advice I can give to the rising artists is keep your head up…everything you doing now counts. Don’t lose focus. And to my fans; I am here because of your support, thank you for giving me strength

Here are the links to my music▶️ https://linktr.ee/WayneFOG ▶️https://audiomack.com/wayne-fog/album/ready-for-love-ep https://youtu.be/bOhaQxjqUQ4 You can follow me on Instagram it’s; Wayne F.O.G

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