Let’s Talk; Classic Media’s Adaptable Business Model

Sillar, The Man Behind Classic Media's Adaptable Business model
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“It begins with a hello”, Bernard Kasiyandima, a business consultant usually says. And when you think of it, there is a hello for every language and every clique. Say hello to Elvis Kaseke aka Sillar of Classic Media and you may just get a good deal. Sillar, like many Zimbabweans, has grown in an environment that challenged him to adapt quickly without compromising the ultimate goal. It was such an environment where you should be able to change even your back up plan. Consequentially, Sillar had to negotiate his way to the next day so many times. Now, from the lessons learnt, the young Entrepreneur’s business is based on communication and flexibility. As a matter of fact Classic Media’s adaptable business model hinges on “let’s talk”.

Generally speaking Classic Media is equipped for photography, videography and music production. However, different clients have different needs. This is where knowing your hellos in different languages becomes relevant. CM captures images and videos for parties, weddings, cooperate events, graduations, birthdays and other personal or business occasions. Payment for such services is usually straight forward. But Classic Media also deals with creatives. Here CM has to come up with innovative ways to profit in jobs involving musicians, advertisers and content creators. That is because with creatives, it’s more like working together. For example, with upcoming music artists, CM can arrange free video shoots if there are future benefits. Of course, terms and conditions apply.

At the core of Classic Media’s adaptable business strategy is an understanding that we can not stop working. Sillar abides by the mantra; ‘hustle 24/7’. When CM is not capturing events and personal moments, they are creating something like the Classic Sounds Medley.

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