Linksect Streetwise visited Chocolate Chips Studio Sept 2020

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Linksect Streetwise visited Chocolate Chips Studio this September and we linked up with Elder Siyaz (owner of studio), Lenso (Artist, lyricist and part time producer), Young Fantan (artist), Mrs Siyavuma (co-owner of studio), Credence (artist) and many others. I was impressed by the fast paced improvements in the studio since the last visit. Check the videos below.

Case of a Stolen Song

When we arrived Young Fantan, an upcoming artist, was complaining that his song had been recently plagiarised by D Flexx who once made it to the limelight with hit tracks like “Tsaona”. Fantan played his own track titled “system” and compared it to D Flexx’s release. From this comparison it was easy to conclude that the songs were too similar for it to be coincidental. What we could not ascertain is who heard whose song and stole the lyrics but Young Fantan was determined to take his issue to the famous DJ Mbale. Young Fantan’s friends tried to comfort him by saying, “the song was stolen because it was good..”, but he was disappointed. “I am working hard to come up with the lyrics”, he said, understanding that he may never successfully reclaim his song from the senior artist.

By the way the older Fantan (Arnold Kamudyariwa) from Chillspot Recordz had also visited Elder Siyaz a few days before Linksect Streetwise visited Chocolate Chips Studio.

A Welcoming Party

Young Fantan’s disappointment did not dampen his spirits; he actually joyfully lip-synched and free-styled together with Credence and Lenso (Lensoman Muchampion) in Chocolate Chips’ newly installed booth. Credence who had just finished a video for her song “Take it or leave it” graced us with a song of hope in which sang “mirira, nguva ichakwana.. Uchafara..” Upon elder Siyaz’s request Lenso emotionally performed “Aiwa Mukoma”, a song in which he is calling out to his lost brother to come back to take responsibility for the family. All this while, Elder Siyaz and Mai Siyavuma were there supporting the youngsters all the way.


Lenso – Lip-synching – Ahiwa Mukoma
Young Fantan – Tiri maBoss, Boss kunge Boss Pumacol, Boss kunge Passion Java
Credence – Mirira nguva — A song of Hope

Some Lessons, Ideas and Opinions

The alleged plagiarism is not the first of its kind. Certainly, song writers or any other creatives should protect their works. This applies to both the accomplished musicians who fame may be damaged by allegation and new musicians. To that end, try to keep your ideas secret and only known to people who you can trust. Also, if you play your cards properly the law can protect you but this is rather difficult. A better way is honor among artists; respect each other’s works. Actually, respect yourself and give credit where it is due.

Mr and Mrs Siyavuma, Keep up the good work and take care of the youngsters.

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