Mutoriro – Quick sand for the youths

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Zimbabwe. Just as one loose thread can cause a whole fabric to unravel, one family member’s decision can have repercussions on the whole family. Since family is the cornerstone of society, the decay can spread throughout a nation’s people. That is what we see in the scourge of Mutoriro. Young people, especially in high density suburbs, have been exposed to the use of heavy addictive drugs such as Mutoriro.

Commonly known as Guka or Dombo, the scientific name of the drug is Methamphetamine or CrystalMeth. Fairly new in Zimbabwe, Mutoriro has been in the country for about eight to ten years. It costs only US$3 a sachet. Experts say, meth dangerously affordable. A survey conducted by this writer found out that most youth say they take this drug as a means of reducing pain and stress they feel from their families and the society. An unnamed former user pointed out that drugs such as Methamphetamine has destroyed the future for the young.

Chapllen Horagan1 is a former user. He said that when one takes this drug, they feel a lot of energy. They are also overly focused and aware of their surrounds. In most cases one does not want to eat. That’s because the drugs give one an impression in the mind that they have energy. Chapllen said, “ The drug makes you get into another world all together.”

A light bulb can give you an idea; A common apparatus for Mutoriro users

“People can take Mutoriro or Meth through a disused energy saver bulbs”, Mkhosi explains how one takes the drug. These energy saver bulbs are essentially u-shape or coil glass tubes. “Meth is put into the the tube. The next step is to heat it with a candle flame until it forms a misty white smoke. The smoke is then inhaled through a pipe. One holds the smoke for a bit and exhales. This is when one starts to feel the effects of the drug “. Family members can take it as a telltale sign. When they see light bulbs disappearing, they can tell there may be a user among them.

Mutoriro has cause a breakdown of the family unit. Addicts cause a nuisance. Their behavior is deplorable and they are difficult to reason with. Many addicts influence peers to do the same and find themselves being isolated in family or the community. As the loneliness envelopes them, they sink deeper into drug use.

1.Chapllen Horagan is a pseudonym.

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