No to child Marriages as we wait for Lenso’s Dhugu Dhugu video

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Say no to child marriages as we wait for the official dhugu dhugu video. As we previously discussed, the song expresses the emotions of a man who patiently waited for the girl he loved to reach legal maturity age before proposing to her. The artist Lenso, as a lyricist, likes to send out messages through music. His particular topic of choice is “love” but he gives thought to many issues. In this particular love song, he shows how love can patiently wait for maturity.

Lenso worked with Sude and Shammah with support from a number of people including Elder Siyaz, Mai Siyavuma, Sir Trinity, Mr Sandati, Nompie and many more. We were not given the launch date of the video but the production of the song is now complete.

On the subject of child marriages, Zimbabwe passed laws against it. However the legal side is only one dynamic to combating the problem. As with all social issues, people have to be willing and able to change. Advocacy campaigns help to fight ignorance, then arrogance and so establish new norms. This is why songs, being part of popular culture, are critical in driving the message through. See these highlights about child marriages and determine which role you have to play.

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