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For most of us when a pandemic like Covid-19 strikes, we figure that we have too little influence to help combat the disease. We best leave it to the experts in that field and pray for a quick solution. But if you care, consider this. One person with an infectous disease can unwittingly make a huge impact in spreading that disease. Even more, if you lose someone important to you, you will see the true impact of one person. Against that background, how much impact can you do if you play your part.

Chiratidzo, right, participating in a cancer fundraising race.

Chiratidzo, like many others, has lost her mum to cancer. She is not a research expert or a billionaire like Bill Gates to fund the research. However she has found a way of playing her part through activities such as Race For Life. Turns out, if you can’t help fight the disease in the lab or hospital, you can still help outdoors, or online or any other way. Find your place and join the fight.

Play your part in the society. Chiratidzo is participating in the Race for Life.

This is not just about Cancer, or the recent corona virus but there are many ways to impact society. In many of them, you can even have fun or make money while doing it. MAYBE YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD BUT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR WORLD. It’s not about reaching out to masses of people, just the one you can help is good enough. So much may come out of it. Play your part. Remember what we discussed about procrastination last time.

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