Soul Jah Love – For one thing, his music influenced street lingo

RiP - Soul Jah Love
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RIP Soul Jah Love – Even though Zim Dancehall has won a slice of airplay, it is in the streets, where it has sunk it’s roots deeper. Chanters have competed to be the singer of the moment (kuva nechimuti) but one thing has been constant; Soul Jah Love always had a new word to add to street slang. But his recognition had gone beyond the streets, to awards and now at his untimely death he has been conferred a hero status. “pamamonya ipapo”

Soul Jah Love – Born Soul Muzavazi Musaka – popularised words like hauite, chibaba, makuruwani, Mafundan’a and more. He was known by many names as he revealed his character one chant at a time. Chigunduru – roughly translated a street kid or vagabond – was one of his personas. All because Soul was known to respond to a dis by accepting it as a quality. He sort of professed a filter-free life. The man always made waves with his real life events – sometimes hilarious and other times unfortunate – taking it all to the mic. And, surprisingly enough, he responded to some of the comments that will now be circulating after his death. This would be in his song kana ndafa.

Soul Jah Love died at a young age of 31 but his series of unfortunate events began at a tender age. His parents are both late. He had to face the challenges common among orphaned children. He also had health challenges from a young age.

Musicians, fans and many who new him have expressed their grief in many ways. May his soul rest in peace…

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