Meet Tino Nhira – Interview of a Malawi based Zimbwean Basketball player

Tino Nhira Moments on the court
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Linkfiler:  Hi Tino (Tino Nhira). Welcome to Streetwise on Linksect.com. We are delighted you could join us to share your experiences and we hope many people will able to draw inspiration from your story; the part of the story you have already lived and the greatness that is still yet to be revealed. Let’s start with an introduction. Who are you and what do you do?

Tino Nhira: I am Tinotenda Nhira. I am a young man aged 20 and I play professional basketball in my Malawi

Tino Nhira Awards Night

Early days of Tino Nhira’s Basketball career

Linkfiler:  How old where you when you started playing basketball and how did you get into it?

Tino Nhira: I started playing basketball when I was 15. At first basketball wasn’t my thing. When our class was chased away from playing soccer I decided to go and try basketball and that is how I got into basketball.

Linkfiler:  So do you sometimes look back at your soccer days and wish you were still there or you have really found your place in Basketball wholeheartedly?

Tino Nhira: With confidence and without any regrets or thinking twice I found my way in basketball and I am proud of what I have gone through because of it.

Linkfiler:  Good to hear that man. How were your early months in basketball? I mean the learning process and becoming part of a new team. How was it at that time?

Tino Nhira: It was very difficult since I had to change from using my feet and had to use my hands! Besides that, I faced some financial difficulties. I had to walk all the way from Waterfalls (Harare) where I stayed  to the basketball court in Mbare. Sometimes I had to go to and from Mbare twice a day since I just had started liking the game.

However, during those first days I wasn’t able to make it to the Mbare heat junior team for something like two seasons.

So all I can say is the early days were very tough

What keeps Tino Nhira going?

Linkfiler:  I see. It was tough but you pulled through. What kept you going?

Tino Nhira: The motivation from my coaches, Coach Younger, Coach Sam and Coach Kelvin  and the  full support from my mother

Above all it was the work of God that kept going

Linkfiler:  The good Lord be praised. It’s also good to have encouragement from your seniors. I am aware that you must have made all these people proud today by your accomplishments. Please name a few of your achievements so far.

Tino Nhira: -I have been the MVP for the top schools, HBA B league all-star, Runner ups for the BOB international tournament, Runner ups of the 2017 Zimbabwe nationals, 2017 brave hearts assist leader….

Linkfiler: You are doing great. What would you say is your greatest strength?

Tino Nhira: My greatest strength is I am  fast both offensively and defensively

Linkfiler:  What stirs your energy..? In other words what is your motto and who inspires you most?

Tino Nhira: The words that I always stick to are; “in order to look good in front of a thousand I have to work in front of nobody so that I can perfect all my moves” ..And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Internationally the person who inspires me  the most is Tony Parker and locally it is Tawanda Chitsinde  my former high school  coach ,he is the first choice point guard of the Zim men’s national team. I always watch their plays.

The future and Tino Nhira’s Ambitions

Linkfiler: What plans do you have for the future Tino..?

Tino Nhira: As I am studying a degree in business management and entrepreneurship my wish is  to manage some businesses in future and also to become an entrepreneur. I also see myself in the near future as great basketball player, not only within Africa but also overseas

Linkfiler:  That’s a well-crafted plan. I believe every person should have a well-balanced career which insures for many possibilities. Most people have sacrificed their sporting careers for avenues with long term job security but you have managed to find some form of balance. Well, what do think Zim Basketball needs at the moment and what have you learnt when you crossed the borders?

Zim Basketball

Tino Nhira: In terms of basketball I think Zimbabwe has to give an opportunity to the young rising stars to showcase their talent as well as to groom them in the game. Zimbabwe basketball clubs have to start giving salaries to the players which will drive them to an extreme high working rate as a result it will stimulate competition in the league as well as improve the game. Across the borders  I have seen that Zimbabweans are very talented but the only problem is that we don’t have some resources that are needed for one to be a good skilled player.

Linkfiler:  I am sure we will see such improvements in times to come. I also believe when you have succeeded in your endeavours you will promote the sport here at home as well. Apart from basketball what else do you like..?

Tino Nhira: Yeah for sure. Apart from basketball I like hanging out with friends and family as well as listening to music

Linkfiler:  Once again thank you for sharing with us; What words of encouragement can you leave to other young people out there…?

 Tino Nhira: My last words of encouragement are, abstain from doping, never allow anyone to discouraged you, dream big, pray constantly, never give up, work hard in silence and let your success make the noise

Questions from Other Interviewers

Diana from Hashe Magazine: Hi Tino, I’m Diana. It’s no secret, girls love sports men. How do you handle the attention you get, and how do you manage your dating life in relation to your career?

Tino Nhira: I always keep myself busy so that I will not find time for all the crazy staff .And when it comes to my dating life in relation to my career, I have my own principles that I don’t go for girls who are not up for their studies,who go out each and everytime,who are alcoholics and who had that bad reputation. This is insense that ladies that are not into these things they are more focused on their personal life and they won’t drag you into problems for they are reasonable and they get to understand the art of life better when it comes to chasing goals.In other words I always crave to  keep my circle small when it comes to ladies so I usually act cold on some of them.#No Hommo

Diana from Hashe Magazine: You really put your mind into this.  Impressive approach

Tino Nhira: Thank you

Bernard Kasiyandima: Hi Tino. I am Bernard. Teamwork is a huge part of basketball. What team building tips can you give that may apply beyond basketball

Tino Nhira: In a team sport…one should play for the person wearing the same kit with his/her and should play for the name in front of the jersey so that the name written on the back would be remembered. It’s not about competition but making your team mate look good. #UnitedYouStand, divided you fall. So it’s up to you as a team to choose what makes you better. Great teams are tough, unselfish, coachable, relentless, focused and united!

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