TLQ – What amount of money is significant to you?

What amount of money would be significant to you?
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The Leading Question: What amount of money is significant to you? This question goes as far as probing your value system and assessing your commitment. It matters because we tend to round up or round down even when we are making important decisions. The question can be adapted to apply to specific situations. Here are a few angles.

  • If someone stole your money, what amount would be significant enough for you to notice?
  • How much would be too much for you to borrow?
  • If you lost some money, how much would have a significant impact on your affairs?
  • What is your price? They say everyone has a price. How much does is take to persuade you? That obviously depends on what you are being asked to do. For example; How much would you want if you were to leave your job or to live far from your family for a while?
  • Do you budget or plan for all your finances or you only count your dollars when they reach a certain amount?
  • How much should you have for you to start saving?
  • How much should you have in your savings for you to break the piggy bank?

There you go; you can ask the question in many ways. The answers or lack of answers will reveal something about your values. I encourage you to ask the question specifically for projects and generally. For example you can ask the question in relation to your job. Then you ask it generally, considering all factors. Do not be afraid of knowing the truth, knowing the pain can help you treat it. Managing your emotions goes a long way in helping you manage your finances.

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