The Christmas within – Why a single day can be so important

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Christmas was not always on 25 December. As a matter of fact, countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine still celebrate Christmas on 7 January. That is one sign that it is not about the day but what we decide to do with the day. What we do on the day can say so much about the year before and the year to come. The year 2020 will be distinctly remembered for lock downs, quarantines and isolation. Xmas does not go well with social distancing. It almost goes against the spirit of Christmas until you think of the Christmas within.

Christmas carries a message of revival and renewal. Don’t get stuck! Don’t get pinned down!

There are days when you wake up with a tight schedule. I mean days when you have work, responsibilities and obligations to take care of. And again, there are times when you go out shopping with a list. Then there are days when you may not go out or buy anything but still change many things. Because when we express our thoughts and feelings, we have so much impact.

Days like the 25th of December help us to share our hearts and minds and to dispel some elements of negativity through celebration. They are like the turning points where the sum of our hopes and joys elevates us above our troubles. There is a reason why the year 2020 may seem like the worst year ever but remember it’s all about what you do with your days. There are many ways of expressing your thoughts, pursuing your dreams and experiencing a joyful Xmas.

A Christmas within
Chiratidzo – enjoying a Christmas indoors – it’s what’s in your heart that matters..

Celebration recognizes your milestones. It keeps your spirits high. As this year ends, a new one begins. Your opportunity to hit the reset button is in this season. If you go through this phase with a gloom, you may find it difficult to keep up with next year’s demands.

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