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Sadza nederere
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Zimbabwe. Our grocery shops are now full. It’s unlike in 2008 when we queued for basic commodities, but sometimes I fail to see the variety. It’s like the shelves are full with food for a one repetitive weekly diet. Maybe I am not creative enough to use the common ingredients to bring variety to the table. When I ask old timers what I can add to my meals they often point to things like our traditional sadza rezviyo nederere.

sadza rezviyo nederere
Enjoying sadza rezviyo nederere

When people talk about our traditional diet, there is often talk about how people used to live longer because of what they ate. There is talk about how we are forgetting our roots and how we should start preserving our culture. But then there is the counterargument that if food like sadza rezviyo nederere taste good people would just eat without all the fuss about health benefits and roots. Well, from my perspective, it’s a matter of exposure. The more you get used to this food the more you appreciate it.

I think sadza rezviyo nemukaka is good for me, mostly because I have had it a couple of times. Porridge rezviyo is even better. Come to think of it, there are some foods I didn’t like when I was young but now I don’t even remember why I didn’t like them. Give sadza rezviyo nederere a try.

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