Jam in the clockwork – handling delayed progress

Finding the jam in the clockwork
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This year may be shorter than others. Days will be faster by a fraction of second. And apparently it’s a big deal. Scientists monitor it and there are major discussions and adjustments to keep the rhythm. Racing against the time while we have a jam in the clockwork is very challenging.

We do value time. The business world, in particular, works like clockwork. It is engineered to satisfy the economic needs of society. Different players dance in harmony in the understanding that time is money. All stakeholders understand this. In fact suppliers, financiers, customers, consumers, government and workers all respect the tune. If one fails to dance along, a better player replaces them. No one dares to delay the rhythm.

What if another factor affects the game besides the players?

Pandemics like covid-19, which not only threaten our lives but our way of life. Natural disasters have no respect for our plans. Even after Cyclone Idai had destroyed infrastructure, cyclone chalane still struck. Nature, and life in general, has a pattern to it which allows us to make plans. However every once in a while a pebble falls into the quiet pond, and disrupts the system. Not all such events are “natural”. Don’t be fooled; we may follow routines and live by habits like there is nothing new but we are agents of change. The change we help to bring about usually threatens the old ways of doing things. Which is why companies that fall hard when they fail to keep up.

So how do we keep up?

There is a Jam in the clockwork but no excuses

Naturally or otherwise, challenges come. Yes, its tragic, regrettable, horrible and it’s a shame. And yes it makes sense to mope and mourn. Yet if you do nothing but make excuses you may miss the train of progress.

Fix the clockwork (Diligence)

Whatever system we rely on now was developed by other people. They had to face the environment we now consider to be harsh. They came up with ways to ease their troubles. Now when we are deprived of the conveniences and comforts we should be willing to develop new ways for ourselves and generations to come.

Link up with Progressive Minds

To improve your options, you may need multiple angles. Do not limit yourself to one perspective and a single source of ideas. And do not disadvantage others. Promote diversity so that you can find a wide range or solutions. Keep up with the latest information.

Be flexible and adapt – don’t be crippled by the jam in the clockwork.

Whether the change is small or massive be prepared to position yourself in the most advantageous position. Don’t wait until the shift from normal is too big to ignore. In fact take the early hints of change as an opportunity to start preparing.

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