The Trends – Quit doomscrolling, Get inspired..

Follow the trends with a clearer eye..
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Negative information is more treacherous than a spider’s web; the threads capture you from within. What you read, see or hear shapes your imagination. Soon enough you will begin to see your imaginations coming to life around you. Take in negative and you will build an invisible prison for yourself. It’s good to do a SWOT Analysis and see even your weaknesses(W) and threats(T). But analysis is not complete without considering your Strengths(S) and Opportunities available to you. So quit doomsurfing and look at the trends with a clearer eye and get inspired.

If you need a “why” for looking and feeling good… Otherwise just look up the trends for beauty and wellness.

What’s outside has a way of labeling what’s inside. It’s not wise to judge a book by its cover, but we do it anyway. That is one reason to keep updating your personal brand. Look good! Learn how to.

Don’t just look good, feel good. Take care of your body. Also keep your mind healthy and stress free.

Otherwise just keep up with the trends; fashion and style. Stay entertained and inspired.

Keep up with Tech – It’s not just about keeping up appearances

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Many of us know to get gadgets but it’s not enough. You have to be able to use technology to your advantage. Carrying around an expensive phone is cool but what do you think about using only $10 worth of your phone? Because if you only use the dialer on your phone you are not using it to its full worth. There is also the issue of security. If you don’t keep up with tech, you will be more vulnerable to scams, fraud, hacks and such.

There are topics you shouldn’t miss

Being out of the mainstream has its privileges. However, being isolated or cut of from the world is really terrible. Have a wide view of things. Things like fake news or emergencies catch you unprepared if you plug in your earbuds to silence the world.

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