Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

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Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. – William Penn


Sometimes we dream big but we will always have to face reality before we meet our greatest aspirations. We want a more fulfilling life. We want it all; fun, romance, fashion, prominence and adventure. We want more but we are limited to less. Money is the most known restrictive factor but “time is what we want most”.

Given enough time you might go as far as you like in learning, earning and saving money, personal care and development, travel and much more. We are always racing against age, the sun, alarms, targets and all sorts of timers.

If you want success really bad, you better start claiming your time. Put as much effort as you put in saving money, or even more.

What can you do to ease the pressure and find time for the things you actually work for?

1.Dip into your pocket if you can afford it. Money seems to make it all easier even though it has its limits. The solution that money offers is buying other people’s time. With help you can do more in less time.

More hands can save time but they can steal some valuables. There are things which are better appreciated when they are done with a level of emotional presence. You know how it gets, even when you can afford a maid, a woman just has to find some time to cook something for The Mr in your life. Don’t let money rob you of your personal touch or the experiences that make life worth living.

2.Develop meaningful relationships for support. Whether you have the money or not you need to be connected. Relationships open doors faster and mutual understanding can free you from a lot of hustle. Build links that will help your goals. You need friends and associates who you can trust with certain affairs and who will challenge you to perform better. That way you will keep up with the times.

You can’t always rely on others to gain you mileage.

3.Be Smart. Let your mind save you time. Invest some in sharpening the axe and chopping the tree won’t be so hard. Sometimes it’s more efficient to call someone or to email some document rather than to personally deliver the message. Use technology to your advantage and develop better ways to handle your routine.

Make sure the people around you can also work with the technology you want to use with them. If your helping hand can’t safely use your coffee maker or Roomba then you are losing some advantage. Don’t be one of those people who buy gadgets for display only.

4.Take a stand against Procrastination and his gang. It is said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” I am sure you know other time wasters, be they bad habits or unprofitable commitments; identify and eliminate of them.

5.Prepare. Plan ahead and set aside a sufficient preparation period when it’s possible. Give yourself room to gather resources for your projects.

6.Make the moments count. Be involved in the things that matter to you and give it your all. If you will be chatting or watching TV, try to make the subject beneficial or find ways toad value to the activity. There are so many TV programs that are quite entertaining yet so enlightening or inspiring. You can also watch TV with people you love and so invest moments into your relationship.

7.Free means extra time. Take advantage of free periods if you have those. Do those things that you wouldn’t find time for.

There is so much you can do about making the best of your time but it will take some time as well. Try all this and see how far you go.

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