Ways to live and leave a story – music, writing, drawing, photography, crafts

Arts to be remembered by
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You have one life and you won’t get out of it alive. The best you can do is to live the best you can now. After that, all you can be sure to get is memory. The walk trough memory lane has to be fun, that’s why you need to tell the story well. Music, writing, drawing, photography and crafts are ways to both enjoy the moment and to leave something to be remembered by. Here are ideas to get you started.


Music keeps moments alive. The good thing about music is variety. It means you have enough room to try your talent. If your voice is not really there, you can try writing songs or playing instruments. You can actually build a career in the music industry or do it for worship or just for fun. With today’s technology you can record all the moments. You can go solo or enjoy music as a group activity.


Write also offers diverse ways to express your ideas. You can write a journal, a textbook, a novel, poetry and much more. You can discover and organize your thoughts in so many ways. Develop your own writing style, choose from a wide range of genre and pick topics about all aspects of life. These days, you can easily publish your book or just preserve it somehow. You can write alone or work with others.


If you are gifted or trained you can capture many ideas in the from of images. This art is ancient but you still have room to add your own creations. Get inspiration from your surroundings and experiences as well as other artists. This can actually be an excuse to visit galleries.



Maybe your hand can not express what your mind can see but you can take advantage of cameras. Photography has been here for some time now, preserving memories from as far back as 1926. Use the camera to capture your own view of the world.


One of the ways to enjoy life while keeping your memory alive is to create something both artistic and useful. Crafts can be purely decorative but they can be useful items like accessories. A lot of DIYs fall in this category. Choose the materials you can work with and get the tools you need.

Go ahead celebrate your life. Tell your story through music, writing, drawing, photography, crafts.

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