Sude Records’ DJ caught drunk.. Dhugu dhugu

Sude Records
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Streetwise was caught by the ear by a new track campaigning against child marriages and we traced it to Sude Records. The closest we could get was a sneak peak of the recording in which Sude Records’ DJ was caught drunk. The DJ’s working hours were already over when Lenso, the song writer and performing artist, arrived with Sir Trinity and DJ Shammah but in the video he is seen occasionally surging into life from deep intoxication.

The complete song, together with its video is set to come out soon. It is now already called dhugu dhugu or chidhugu dhugu among the inner circle of the recording team. This is because of the chorus which poetically articulates the heartbeat of an excited lover. The track expresses the feelings of a young man who patiently waited until the girl he loved was old enough for romantic relationships. As such the artist joins the many voices against child marriages and ends the song with; “Say no to child marriages”. He also acknowledges how the arm of the law now catches up with those who take advantage of young girls. 

Moyo wangu unoti dhugu dhugu, ndakakuda uchiri mudukuduku… ini ndoita manyukunyuku

Though Sude Records’ Dj was caught in wrong moment he is known to do great work. He has at some point dominated playlists in the commuter omnibuses.


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