A Quick Check: Is your car ready for the rainy season?

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Wet weather definitely increases the risk of accidents. At the very least rain can be an inconvenience. You may not always rely on weather forecasts but wet weather will come. And when it does, is your car ready for the rainy season? Your car can run even when your wipers are not okay. They are such things that you may not think about until you need them. This is why you should make an effort to check. Blessing Kamucheta Masamba who has recovered many vehicles from accident spots through his Quicky Rescue and Recovery service says preparation is part of the journey.

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Is you car ready for the rainy season?

5. Check your windshield wipers. Rain reduces visibility. Your wipers should be able to clear your windshield with one sweep.

4. Check your lights. Still on visibility, your lights not only give you better vision but they are signals. your safety on a rainy day depend on your lights as well

3. Check your mirrors. Make sure you mirrors are clean and give you a clear view.

2. Check your tires. That includes your spare wheel. Your tires should keep you on track. This is especially important on a wet road. Water together with the fluids that floats will make the road more slippery.

1. Check your brakes. To ensure that your car is ready for the rainy season, you need to have good brakes. With slippery roads, low visibility and drivers who are not prepared for the rainy season you will need to be able to stop at the right time. More so, there will be sudden potholes and pools. so take caution.

If your vehicle develops a problem while you are on the road, be sure to have a number you can call for quick roadside assistance. If you stay on the road for too long, you will multiply the risks on the road.


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