Chiratidzo Making use of leftover potatoes

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Some portions of a meal just get left over, for one reason or another. But it’s not a waste until you throw it away. Why throw it away if you can store it. Because the more you repeat certain foods the less appealing they become. And for the proper handling of food, you don’t want to store the cooked food for too long. For me, the best solution is to come up with another recipe altogether. But making use of the leftovers, in this case; making use of leftover potatoes.

Here is how I did it, remember these were leftovers, so the measurements were more of estimates.

I sauteed onion, garlic, ginger and left over potatoes in extra virgin olive oil. Added bells peppers, Added pasta sauce. of which you can use Passata or tomatoes. Then 3 eggs and salt and any seasoning of your choice. Garnished it with Avocado sprinkled with lemon and a bit of fresh parsley. #leftovers#food#inspire#cookingasanart#recipe#eveyfoodtastesnice#neverthrowawayfood

So there you have it, a method for making use of leftover potatoes.

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