Balance – All gifts, and all aspects of life make ThisIssRue

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Rue – born Ruvimbo Karimazondo – was nominated for an AFRIMA (All African Music Awards) in the Best Female Artist in Southern Africa Region Category. Also considered for this award was  Babes Wodumo, Sally Boss Madam, Amanda Black, Lebo Sekgobela and Thandiswa. But there is more to Rue than her music. Professionally, she is also a marketer and entrepreneur. Beyond that, Rue has a life to live. The tricky part is finding balance. Because all gifts, and all aspects of life make “ThisIssRue“.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about Rue’s upcoming EP, simply titled R. In R, the songbird promised to touch on many life issues while celebrating the victories. Victory, because real life challenges you to be better and you have to learn, fight and somehow find the balance.

R resembles talking about real life issues but in a way you can celebrate the victory..

Rue – Ruvimbo Karimazondo on Hashe Talk

When Rue started taking her music seriously, she was also pursuing her studies overseas. Moving to another country had challenges of it’s own. She had to set her priorities straight, so as to get ahead in her music while she excelled in her business studies. As if that is not enough to juggle with, life loaded issues for her to deal with. Thank God, for her, life experiences are what inspires her most. Rue says she lives by the motto; “Life is a 24/7 classroom” But her concept of life is not about complaining or regrets. “If.. you understand that life is about learning and evolving you tend to get over things”, the artist told Hashe Magazine. She concluded; “..But I got to a place where I can never regret. ..because I learnt something from the experience”.

So, there you have it, don’t neglect you gifts or assets. Don’t regret, but rather learn from your mistakes. Keep up with life. Join the R experience on ThisIssRue

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