COVID 19 – An Acid test for our support structures

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Is COVID 19 an Acid test for our support structures? A crisis is not the best time to test your preparedness because failure may lead to irrecoverable losses. However, if you survive a challenging season, you will know what and who to truly rely on. Covid 19 is not yet gone but it has already been a test for our support structures.

Taking Covid 19 as an Acid Test and adjusting

Experiencing the trouble  of the pandemic has shown us what to prioritize and what to change. From the simple things like smiles, handshakes and hugs to going to work and not  having a constant death threat, we can now appreciate the times we had before the pandemic. But was the past okay? Did we do things right when we were in better seasons? Could we have prepared better for this? We can improve on many things but let’s just pick a few to get us started. Because our problem is not that we don’t know what to do. It’s just that we lack the motivation to do it. Trouble like this virus can overwhelm us but it also challenges us to bring out the best of us. Develop plans now, and get them operational now. Train yourself and learn new habits. That way when you no longer have the pressure to compel you to do the better thing, you will have a better you doing your thing.

A big shout out to those who worked tirelessly to take care of the sick, those who were affected and to combat the virus through research and development. Thanks to those who helped spread the information and many others who helped directly or indirectly. May you continue your good work. Keep the hope alive.


Supporting your favorite team like this, or sharing moments with people who share your interests was limited in the time of the pandemic

You and your primary group

Let’s start with the most important of all. Covid19 threatened our own lives and those of the people we love. Some are already gone. Death is painful! Death threats are tormenting. It is this fact that life is finite that gives value to time. Let’s do more with life and health while we still have it. The fact that life changes and not all seasons are the same gives value to each moment. Let us try to spend each moment with an understanding that it is irrecoverable.

By this time you know the people who you missed and the support you wished you could have. Strengthen your relationships now so that when trouble strikes again, you will be prepared. Invest in the people you love to the point that they can be strong enough to help you. Even more, develop new relationships, you don’t know whose fort you will hide in next time.

Material Resources and Money Matters

With administrative quarantines and stiff health precautions, economic activity was limited. It is in times like these when saving and alternative financing becomes and issue. Change is the way of life and you should always be prepared.

One key test was how much you could limit your spending. If you didn’t have enough money, in an uncertain situation, you definitely had to limit your expenditure. How capable were you. Can these survival tactics be useful in future saving. 

As companies try to rise they will also put their survival tactics to use. They may keep “essential” staff only. This is why you should be prepare for change at many levels.

Communication and Facilities

When there is a crisis like this one, staying updated is important. Especially with face news and conspiracies distorting information, you have to master communication. With your movement limited, you probably determined how much improvement is required in your home or work place.

Bottom line, those things you procrastinated to change, after the crisis is over, be ready to improve.


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