Fitting Room Experience (1) – Edith and Honesty

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They say as honest as the mirror. Such honesty is usually placed on fitting room walls for your consideration. The mirror can tell you truly what you are wearing but it is up to you and others to decide if it fits well. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you would want an eye that combines the honesty of the mirror and the understanding of style; Edith and honesty.

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Edith has had a unique experience in helping people shop for clothes that fit. She is a confident lady whose own style is about looking great without appearing to have put much effort. A touch of Edith would make your mirror more useful. Stay with us for fitting room ideas with Edith..


Edith in the Fitting Room

Sooo, Edith is your shopping buddy. Not your yes lady, who will hold your hand while you buy all the things you will regret wearing. Not the envy in the flesh, who will jealously criticize every garment you put on. She will offer you the proper, balanced advice that can only be rivaled by a mirror. Genuine insight plus a passion for shopping and style. That’s her offer. 

Here is the first bonus tip. Use a three way mirror. This will help you have a full view of your body.

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