Covid-19 and the war inside
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A massive hostile and lethal force has invaded our cities and dominates the business of the day almost everywhere. It is a force that pervades our strongholds in microscopic units, not easy to detect until it has already caused damage. Its surprise attacks came with such stealth and swiftness that it left us finger pointing and fighting among ourselves. From the death toll to the empty coffers, for many people, if you are not infected by covid-19, you are affected somehow. Now in defense, we are locked in the safety of our homes practicing all sorts of hygiene but the war rages on even within the fortress.

mona lisa protection against covid-19
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Just to see how terrible covid-19 is, check the statistics below. What is this disease? It has become more than just a disease since a myriad of issues have emerged from the corona virus. Even before covid-19 not everyone could afford to take a break. And, the world itself could not give certain people a break. But the corona virus halted some of the gears which seemed to keep the world spinning. The world kept spinning though. The question is what happened or what will happen because we were forced to take a break? And because of the sickness and the deaths?

List of thoughts about what happened when we stopped because of covid-19

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