Safety of babies and toddlers when moving into a new house.

Safety of babies and toddlers when moving into a new house
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Moving to a new place, or traveling, can be pretty hectic. Let alone minding the kids while doing it. But this is the time you should be more serious about the safety of babies and toddlers.

Children’s curiosity is only rivalled by their ignorance in exposing them to danger. It doesn’t take much charm to mesmerize kids. For that reason they will touch things you think are not even interesting. Factor in their impulse to sample strange things with their tongues. You have yourself an insect being drawn to the light where it will burn. 

Kids are just like that. They will force peas into their nose or ears. Or even wrap plastics on their heads. You have to keep an eye on them and that becomes more important when moving or travelling. Unlike in the place you are already familiar with, your child will be responding to the change in scenery. Some children get disappointed and have the urge to walk back to their home. Yet others get a surge in curiosity, exploring every inch of the place. This behavior together with your unpreparedness are risk factors which you should mitigate by being more mindful.

Some measures to improve the Safety of babies and toddlers

  1. Check the floor for pills, staples, paper clips, coins, pins and other small items that can be swallowed by your toddler.
  2. Put away ashtrays and matches.
  3. Also remove plastic bags from all rubbish bins. Take the bins to places where it will be less tempting for the child to investigate the contents
  4. Install covers over electrical sockets. Be sure to hide any sockets with cords plugged behind furniture.
  5. Move shampoo, lotions and conditioners to safer locations.
  6. Remove anything dangerous or poisonous from lower cabinets

Basically for the safety of babies and toddlers keep chemicals, flammable items, small items that can choke them, plastics that can suffocate them, sharp objects, electricals and hot objects. Also be mindful of water and things that can break.

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