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Tennis is an engaging sport, even for the elderly like 97-year-old amateur Leonid Stanislavskyi or Gail Falkenberg. Byron, Wayne and Cara Black set a standard for professional Zimbabwean Tennis. Just as you are not born old like Leonid or Gail, you don’t start out as a celebrated champion like the Blacks. This is where Elevation Tennis Academy (E.T.A.) comes in. E.T.A. offers coaching for ages 4 to 25.

Tennis is one way to have fun while keeping fit. As with many things, you won’t know if it’s for you until you try. This is especially true for the kids who rely on adults for exposure. At this point you may think of excuses not to try but the environment and the sessions are designed to cater for people with different needs. Elevation Tennis Academy offers private, semi-private and group lessons. The environment is conducive and you get a free racquet once you enroll. For those comfortable with group lessons, you get different practice partners.

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