Grow Bags or fabric pots – balcony or backyard gardening

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I think if you love growing things, you may at some point consider a backyard garden. You can also have a greenhouse or balcony garden depending on the space you have. You may grow your own vegetables or flowers. This is where grow bags or fabric pots come in handy.

Grow bags are useful where there is no soil or where the soil is not suitable for your plants. Here, they have some advantage over other pots in their drainage. They help in developing better roots and improve the overall health of your plants. Depending on the bags you have, their downside may be their requirement for more watering. Nonetheless, they prevent overwatering. Grow bags are also not as nice-looking as ceramic or plastic pots. Fabric pots are not as durable as other pots. That should be balanced out by their cost.

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