Get the basics right – owning the source (2)

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Last time we looked at getting water in a thirsty Zimbabwe. We discussed how a person should guarantee basic necessities when moving to a new settlement. Due to factors beyond one’s control, these basic requirements, like water a functional water supply system, may fail. Consequentially a crisis brews. With it, a market emerges as people try to solve problems and adapt. In this article we look at a similar notion. When responding to a crisis, try to get the basics right.

Recently a tragic incident happened in Chitungwiza. As reported by the Herald, a water 5000 liter tank collapsed, killing 2 children and injuring another. The tank had been mounted on a galvanized steel stand which yielded to the weight of the water. Such a tank would have been a convenience for the whole neighborhood. Unfortunately, it turned out a disaster. Which is why we should get the basics right. In this case, the steel case most likely had an engineering flaw. This issue has probably got the attention of relevant authorities. All the more reason, those who are in the same business should now be more careful in their work.

If you do not get the fundamentals right, it’s highly likes that your solution is another crisis waiting to happen. Do a good job, hire the best people and do not ignore sound advice. In times of crisis, there is so much pressure to improvise. Be cautious enough to take note of every instance you cut corners. At the same time, take preventive measures. When the time is right, implement a more thorough solution.

Owning the source is not enough, you have to be able to manage it. Be responsible and put as much effort as you can to guarantee that basics are right. Have the presence of mind and tenacity of an owner.

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