Make a difference – Maybe you can’t change The World but..

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Disclaimer: What you will do after you read this content is your own decision. You are responsible for it and linksect.com or its creators are not liable for your actions.| Maybe you can’t change the world but you can change your world. That’s all that was ever done. You change your world and maybe the world will change too. Just like the butterfly effect. Like dominos. Like planting a seed. One person, one small act will make a difference. Even not doing something is making a difference. But is that the difference you want?

How powerful should you be to change the world? As influential as the Pope? As rich as Musa I of Mali? A Royal like the Queen of England? Wise like King Solomon? Great like Alexander? If to change the world is to change people, then roughly speaking it’s a task to be performed on over 7.8 billion souls today. What if changing the world is changing technology and making new things possible? The world itself is in constant change, revealing new things and hiding others. Whatever change you will have accomplished is sort of temporary. So whoever you know to have caused great change only changed their world and the rest of the world echoed the change. That’s how to make a difference.

There are so many factors beyond your control. There has always been such things, but men and women before us used what they had to build what we see today. Do not swallow more than you can chew.

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