Lenso says working with Roki on Dhugu Dhugu Remix was fun and work in a bundle

Lenso Champie
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Lenso with Roki on Dhugu Dhugu Remix. As in the case of Thomas Mapfumo’s backing vocalist, Beauty Simbanegavi, young musician Lenso said working with the renowned Roki in a remix was fun and work in a bundle.

Dhugu Dhugu Remix – Lenso ft Roki

“Roki, at first glance, seems like an easy-going person, maybe so much that if you don’t know him you would doubt his seriousness. He also has this energy about him such that when he sings or dances you can actually feel the vibe.” Lenso said. When they got to the studio Lenso was amazed by how Roki brought all the passion and fun to a focused moment of work. “The guy is talented, skilled and passionate about music. I could see and hear him try different things with the song. If we had more time, I am sure it would have come out differently”, Lenso remarked. “But I am happy with the final result”, even more Lenso was happy that he got a chance to learn one or two things with the renowned Roki.

The original version of Lenso’s song Dhugu Dhugu

Lenso posted two other tracks together with the Dhugu Dhugu Remix on his YouTube channel; Lenso – Champie – Music. All the tracks have something to do with love. No surprise there as he entered the music circles with another nickname; Loverboy.

Dhugu dhugu – a love song campaigning against child marriages

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