TLQ – What one thing can you change that will have the greatest positive impact in your life?

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The Leading Question: What one thing can you change that will have the greatest positive impact in your life? Change and progress are intertwined. Suffice to say, the decision to change for the better is one that can be done at any stage in life. You may be already successful but growth and the dynamic nature of life always presents us with new opportunity for improvement. There is always a higher rung on the ladder. Yet, we may not always clearly see what to alter. Even if we identify the required change, the scope may be too wide that it will be difficult to pick the next step. But today ask yourself; “what one thing can you do differently?”

The core of the question is to gain an economy of effort, so to speak. The idea is to focus on key areas of improvement such that you achieve significant improvement with minimum outlay of resources. If not for the sake of reducing committed effort and resources, ask in order to identify key forces operating in your life. Single out the most significant factor tying things together. That is to say, you can actually ask the question in a negative way if necessary. Ask; what one thing can you change that would have the most significant negative impact?

Sometimes a small thing can be very significant in the scheme of things. For example arriving 15 minutes earlier and leaving 15 minutes later can change so much. A common example of a small but powerful thing in building your network is being more polite and paying attention to people. Greeting people or just saying thank you can make a difference. However, when the small thing is the one you need to change, it is usually very difficult to change.

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