Mwasangwale’s Hall of Fame – The Exodus

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Thomas Mwasangwale is a Zimbabwean Artist, currently based in South Africa. He is well known for painting portraits of famous people. Last time we shared his tribute to the renowned musician, Oliver Mtukudzi. Then we got to ask, how does one qualify to be on Thomas’ canvas. The short cut is to pay him but there are qualities that he looks at, then boom he just paints someone. People, thought it had something to do with being rich, famous or dead. That’s not far fetched, but Thomas doesn’t just paint every rich, famous or dead face. How does one enter Mwasangwale’s hall of Fame? We will explore all this in a series of articles featuring the famous faces and moments he painted. Sometimes, Thomas himself appears in his artwork. The Exodus is one of those paintings in which he expresses himself within the art.

The Exodus – Painting by Thomas Mwasangwale

The message, wonder, hope and beauty, Thomas Mwasangwale captures it all in his art. As an artist, one of Thomas’ contributions to society is perspective. Mwasangwale not only expresses his own thoughts but captures icons and facial expressions among other symbols. The art is open to interpretation. And maybe it’s just there to set a beautiful environment, to inspire you to find and cherish meaning in your own life, rather than in the art itself. Because sometimes all we need to change is perspective and what was half empty becomes half full. Welcome to Mwasangwale’s Hall of Fame on linksect.com, where we will draw inspiration from Thomas’ hand.

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