Tinashe Anashe; A Powerful Voice Emerging In The Gospel Circles

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Tinashe Anashe is a contemporary gospel music artist who lives in Chitungwiza. The church as an assembly brings together diverse characters, talents and gifts. While much of the singing in church is done by all members, gospel music also comes as an art. This is where we find people like Tinashe Anashe. Singers like him lead others in praise and worship during church services and also go on to perform the music outside church settings.

After hearing Mbiri Ngaiyende and other songs by Tinashe we got a chance to chat with him. We learnt trivial details about him; like he is from Masvingo and he is still single. Then he also revealed that he is also an entrepreneur. But more on the subject of gospel music Tinashe shared his inspiration and his story.

When and how did Tinashe Anashe get into music?

“I got into music in 2011 but I began studio recording in 2014,” the young gospel musician said. Tinashe loved music from a young age but when he “became a Christian in 2011” he focused more on preaching. “I started preaching in the Methodist Church such that I forgot that I also had a singing voice”, the young vocalist explained. 3 years later Tinashe and his current producer Simbarashe (Simblingz) started working on music projects. “At that time I sang gospel songs on Dancehall beats until I really discovered myself in 2017. Then I did my first album titled God Of Levels in 2018 which was mixed worship and praise songs.” Tinashe composed this 2018 album ” with the desire to spread the gospel”

Inspiration, Challenges and Future plans

“The song Ngaiende came to me in these covid19 times. Everything was all about the pandemic but God said to me: I am the Lord I change not, let my glory come nomatter what is going on in your life; either good or bad just give The Lord glory for he is the maker of all things.” Tinashe says his effort to reach his audience has been constrained by financial challenges. As a way to boost his musical career Tinashe has started a small business. “What keeps me going is the desire that I have to do God’s work, to give hope and to win souls through music.” Tinashe is also grateful to have outstanding spupport from his friend and producer Simblingz. The musician said he is planning something life changing in terms of music and spreading the gospel. To stay updated find him through: Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

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