Outdoor Experience – Escape to the untamed lands

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An outdoor experience is not only good for leisure but it offers you moments of reflection that can change your life. Not to mention the motivation you gain when you get pumped up by the memorable encounters and exploits. Of course this highly depends on where you choose to spend your time.

Lions blending in and relaxing in the shade | Image courtesy of Tinvon.com

Why an outdoor experience in the wild?

In the urban areas we have conquered all bits of nature that stray from our design. Even the naturally growing vegetation is trimmed. Nature, as soft as she is, thinks outside the box. Take a break and visit the untamed lands and see how she stretches beyond the limitations we have imposed in the urban areas. Nature submits to our tools and devices but she doesn’t offer us her best in the controlled environment. We, the people, as biological beings are part of nature. As such we should go to the outdoors and replenish our inspiration.

Moments of reflection – Outdoor experience | Image courtesy of Tinvon.com

The outdoors will definitely ignite your senses. When you have been exposed to the familiar things for too long, a part of you goes on hibernate. But if you go to a scenery that demands your attention, you will receive a wake up call. The wild offers such adventures with a mixed feeling of fear and intrigue that captures the best of your senses. Could be a lion, an elephant or a bird in the air. Or it could just be a hike through the bushes, up and down the mountains. You may also watch the beautiful waters or the ferocious crocodiles. Amuse yourself with a sight of impala, zebra or hippos. All this will help you disengage from the daily routine. Believe it’s unlike watching on TV.

Once you have escaped to the untamed lands, not only will your instagram pics be cool, but you will be able to see from another perspective. They say we do our best thinking when we are not thinking at all. An outdoor experience offers you that opportunity.

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