Talent and Passion | The Music of Trappiiee – I’m Lost

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The music industry can be very tough. Although merit is important, the path to fame can also be very winding and slippery. As such, musicians often need to show both talent and passion. Today we are looking at the music of Trappiee. And as a special, we will share a video he has just released.

“ This industry ain’t no game , We don’t play that. Are you ready ?” — Trappiiee

“You can’t stop my vision cause I own it” – LIFE OF TRAPPIIEE

Linksect Streetwise caught up with Trappiiee tracing the footsteps of an emerging star. As we got to know him better, talking to him, going through his offerings, we agreed that Trappiiee has both talent and passion. And reading through his posts, you can see determination. The young musician is in Dublin, Ireland. He also has his own record label; trapworld records.

Below is one of his videos; “I am lost”. Watch, share and spread the love. Babygirlfilms shot and directed this video. Trappiee and @khanyiwrites co-directed. As a hip hop artist, Trappiiee shows promise. He is also an entrepreneur, carrying the titles of founder and CEO in some projects.

It is true that there are fans who will do anything for their favorite artists. That is especially true when the musician is already successful However the artists need a lot of support mostly when they take their first steps. Be there for Trappiiee and the others. Subscribe and share. Love. #Streetwise.

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