Police Officer Killed by a Rooster During a Raid- Not Fake News

Police Officer Killed by a Rooster During a Raid- Not Fake News
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Police Officer Killed by a Rooster During a Raid- Not Fake News. A police officer, Christian Bolok, lost his life while trying to break up an illegal cockfight in the Philippines. Such news headlines have been used by fake news reports to attract attention but this is how you know it’s true.

1. The Content. Cockfighting, as a sport, is common in the Philippines. However authorities banned it to reduce the spread of the corona virus. As it happens, people still continue to entertain themselves with underground cockfights. Lt. Christian Bolok was part of a police team that raided one of these fights. This is where he was struck on femoral artery by a rooster resulting in his death from heavy blood loss. But still, a rooster? Yes, the fighting bird cut him with a blade, one attached to its foot as a weapon in the cockfight.

2. The Reporter. For all you know, a good liar may have come up with the story. However the story was published by reputable organizations from the local Philippines News Agency to international publishers like CNN, BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian and such. So if you had received such a headline on social media, you can verify with a simple search.

3. Check the time, author and links. To deceive and misinform readers, fake news reporters can manipulate facts. This means they can take a true story and quote it out of context. For example a person can share an old story with real credible links but add comments of his own. It is common for people to just read only the caption of the shared text. So, when reading posts shared on social media, verify the facts by checking the dates, the author and the links.

Using this criteria we find, with grief, that a police officer was killed by a rooster, and it’s not fake news. Protect you from fake news and misinformation. You also have to protect your family members by informing them, because sometimes the people who know write but the people who really need to know don’t read.

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