Gonarezhou Rangers – Endurance, strength, skill, wit and teamwork

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There is a distinct line between natural and artificial environments. Especially now in the anthropocene. In all this, man tries to house and equip himself against the harsh environment. How tough can it be out there, back in the wild? How much more, if we wanted to conserve and not upset the balance of nature? Gonarezhou park rangers live in such a wild environment. Recently 39 recruits graduated, having developed and proved the necessary endurance, strength, skill, wit and teamwork.

Gonarezhou Rangers
Teams of 4 the recruits finished with a 55km speed navigation exercise in the wilds of Gonarezhou. Image Courtesy of Gonarezhou National Park

What the Gonarezhou Park Rangers stand for

When we say Gonarezhou wilds, we mean about 5 000 km² of land with naturally growing vegetation, undeveloped rugged terrains and vast diverse wildlife. Here nature runs its course uninhibited. It’s to the extent that, during their test, the recruits stopped so as not to hinder a lion stalking a kudu. As such lions, leopards, cheetah, rhinos, birds, buffalo, zebra, giraffes, antelopes and more are at home in the Gonarezhou national park. Even the rangers should be at home in these untamed lands. As it stands, nature is not the only challenge Gonarezhou Rangers face. Since, in name and in fact they boast of a high density of elephants, they are sure to attract poachers. This demands skill, strength and team effort.

New Gonarezhou Park Rangers being welcomed to the family | Image courtesy of Gonarezhou National Park

Poachers present a threat, not only to the large-tusked elephants but other animals like rhinos. In the grand scheme of things, Gonarezhou National Park, focuses on conservation. As a matter of fact, managing and protecting a huge piece of land teeming with wildlife is expensive. The goal is to establish a financially self sustaining conservation project. This noble cause and the park’s unique experiences make it an attractive tourist destination. Here is why you should tour these untamed lands.

Gonarezhou Rangers – Endurance, strength, skill, wit and teamwork
Successful Gonarezhou Ranger recruits receiving the Green Berets | Image Courtesy of Gonarezhou National Park

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