RIP Ginimbi, Moana, Gringo – One life for each but many stories

RIP Ginimbi, Moana, Gringo
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RIP Ginimbi, Moana, Gringo – One life for each but many stories. Who are these people? They all lived one life each yet there are diverse stories about them on the streets, the media and most importantly people’s hearts. The more the people who know you, the more the stories. No doubt many of them are only half true or entirely false.

Fame is great for work. Fame is for philanthropy. But it is a curse in your personal life. To be judged by presumptions and assumptions before you’ve even spoken to a person. To be judged on false rumors, that shock even me… The look in someone’s eyes that shows you how much they think they know about you. As if any article, song, video or film could possible encompass the depth of magnificent complexities that reside in you.. 😏 How ignorant…

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RIP Ginimbi, Moana, Gringo and other things people say

RIP Ginimbi, Moana, Gringo

Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi and Michell Amuli better known as Mimmie Moana died in a car crash on 8 November 2020. This was widely reported as breaking news but without the details at first. On the same morning I heard people discussing that Ginimbi had been robbed and killed. These people had already started filling the gaps. I wonder how the gossipers adapted their story when the facts emerged.

Ginimbi and Moana died in a car Accident | Image courtesy of Pindula

Meanwhile Lazarous Boora, affectionately known as Gringo, was in hospital but there were rumors that he had passed on. He was battling cancer. Someone jokingly said Lazarous and the rich man (Ginimbi) had died. Gringo was a comedian, maybe humour about his death is okay but spreading such rumors is insensitive. Some people unknowingly became victims of this misinformation receiving this fake news with alarm. The popular comedian later died.

Incidents such as the death of celebrities draw much attention. One thing people should learn to deal with is a nagging feeling of being left out. It drives people to say all sorts of things. In the worst cases, there is envy and hate. Nonetheless, Ginimbi, Moana and Gringo left different impressions on different people’s hearts.

RIP Ginimbi, Moana, Gringo. #Streetwise

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