Arrested for negligence – From a small thing to flames

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Did he get arrested for negligence or as some may say for mosquitoes?

A man damaged two trucks by fire. For that, a man can surely get arrested. Oh wait! There is a back story. It wasn’t arson but an accident. Mosquitoes bothered the man while he was at work. Those tiny bloodsuckers are a nuisance, buzzing in your ear while they bite you. Luckily smoke is a natural repellent of of the tiny insect.

In the absence of mosquito coil the man lit an empty crate of eggs. While the smoke worked its magic the man went out to drink some water. Regrettably, he placed the glowing crate where it could become a real fire. On his return the man tried to put out the fire but in vain. Consequently it damaged two trucks. The Zimbabwe Republic Police urged the members of the public to practice safety at work. What do you say?

The problem with accidents is that they may not happen everyday but they are caused by things we do everyday; those seemingly harmless things we think we shouldn’t be too careful about. I mean two kids were killed in a accident involving water tank in October. They were just in their neighborhood. But there is a level of responsibility expected of us. Which is why we can say this man got arrested for negligence.

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