Zimbos on Rolls Royce Wall following Ginimbi Car Crash..

Zimbos on Rolls Royce Wall following Ginimbi Car Crash..
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Zimbos on Rolls Royce facebook wall following Ginimbi car crash. These people are failing to reconcile facts; to comprehend how the Rolls Royce took so much damage. Especially considering that the Honda Fit it collided with was not as much smashed. While some are claiming that  Genius (Ginimbi) Kadungure’s Rolls Royce was a fake, others have gone to Rolls Royce’s social media pages to share their thoughts.

Compare the Rolls Royce to the Honda Fit. According to the Honda Fit driver, the Rolls Royce “was flying” and the impact too sudden to avoid. Ginimbi had overtaken two cars and was now trying to avoid a head-on collision. His Rolls-Royce hit a Honda Fit and veered off the road before crashing into a tree See more pictures on the accident.

  • The businessman, famous for his lavish lifestyle, died in an accident which also claimed the life of fitness bunny Moana and two others.
  •  Genius (Ginimbi) Kadungure’s Rolls Royce collided with a Honda Fit before hitting a tree and catching fire.
  • An eyewitness told the Herald that he saw Ginimbi calling for help, trying to rescue his friends. Unfortunately the Rolls Royce exploded. Efforts to put out the fire were in vain.
  • However the two who were in the Honda fit escaped death but with injuries. The driver, Mr Lucky Chikwanda, says he is in pain but their survival was nothing short of a miracle.

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Posted by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Ginimbi lived one life, but people have more than one story to share about him. After all he was both flamboyant and controversial. He always gave people something to talk about. The man had a fleet of cars but surely his Rolls Royce now has more buzz. The gathering place; Zimbos are on Rolls Royce social media posts. Meanwhile an autopsy has shown that Kadungure died because of internal bleeding.

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