Setting Realistic Goals – An honest conversation with Samson

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Setting realistic goals is what changed Smason's life

Motivational speakers have been accused of deceiving people, especially into overstating their own potential. While the idea behind motivational speaking is to encourage people to push their limits, motivation alone is not enough. Also, motivational speakers are not the only ones who challenge you. Your family may have expectations for you. Friends, as well as the rest of the community, may set standards for you. But the main problem is not in people seeing more in you than you see in yourself. The problem is when you fail to assess or maximize your own potential. You can achieve more by setting realistic goals.

In The Leading Question, we have been asking questions that can help you brainstorm and unfreeze certain situations. Samson Chifamba answered one of these questions in hindsight. His views can help you ease pressure on yourself and improve your chances of setting realistic goals. We asked Samson how he killed the lion but still ended up being captured through Delila. Sorry, wrong Samson. On a more serious note, we asked Samson, what he thought was the one single step he took that may have had a great impact on his life. His reply was; “I can say the transition from being a boy trying to figure out my own path to a man with responsibilities and targets to meet.”

In setting realistic goals, acknoledge that a single step can be a giant step

It was a single but long step as Samson recalls. “My mindset was totally changed even though it wasn’t easy as I kept on leaping back and forth.” He remained persistent, “but I knew I had to learn to stand on my own and accept the fact that I was only going to get whatever was within reach.” He had to acknowledge that change was a process, “and that everything comes with time.” At some point, Samson had to have an honest conversation with himself. “You know i had too much pressure from both friends and family. They used other people’s examples as templates for me to start with. Then I discovered that everyone has their own story and background that makes the template” It’s okay to learn from others but know yourself as well. Giant steps are not only giant because of the huge impact but also the level of challenge. “So it wasn’t easy to actually get myself to understand this decision”, Samson concluded.

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