Until they find a cure for cancer, the best treatment now is to live

Until they find a cure for cancer, the best they do is to live
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I have heard that knowing the problem is half the solution. You begin to wonder if the statement is true when you find out that someone is suffering from cancer. Even though it is possible to recover from the disease, cancer has taken many lives. There are cancers with a good chance of recovery but what can we do about the worst cases? When you fear that you or someone may die, I think the best approach is to live. And also to support research for the cure for cancer.

Before the journey ends we have to walk it

While things progress in the medical field, on a personal level do your best with the time you have. If some disease threatens your life or that of your loved one, try to minimize regrets. Color your memories with the best moments. As long as you still have the strength, give life your best. It can be difficult but try to be at peace. Pick those things that matter to you most and pursue them. If possible visit places you have always wanted to visit. Spend time with the people you love. Don’t be stressed but focus on those projects and results you have always wanted to see. It would help to remember that life has always been too short for everyone. All you can do is all you can do, don’t kill yourself before your time. Live to the last moment, we all don’t have a time stamp. Check out these bucket list ideas

A cure for cancer – What can you do?

Knowing is indeed half the solution. It’s just that sometimes it takes time to make things work. If you don’t want to wait around for someone else to make your world a better place join the campaign. You can join the research teams, be a caregiver or support the effort. Here are ways you can help.

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