Who is Rosebud Tsikira – Tracing the path of ModelPreneur (1)

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Who is Rosebud Tsikira? She is a qualified marketer, makeup artist, stylist, beauty coach, professional model, entrepreneur and influencer. In an interview with Hashe Magazine she once described herself as ModelPreneur. Rosebud Tsikira is Afrocentric and prefers natural hair. Despite the fact that she is an introvert, Rosebud is confident. In the video below she speaks as Miss Glam. You will find a transcript under it.

I believe in development; self development, community development and world upgrade. I celebrate diversity and where I come we believe a community is not complete until we all come together as one. Walking in the streets of Zimbabwe feels like home, no matter where you are from. The people are open minded, friendly, loving and molded. The spirit of ubuntu guides us. Endowed with highly precious minerals and open to the world.

Namaste. I am Rosebud Tsikira and growing up in Zimbabwe has taught me that peace comes from within. And the peace that you create and nurture is the peace that you experience and flourish in. My encouragement to all women is to let your beauty shine from where your peace flows in your heart. Let it dominate because there is no beauty without peace. Beauty radiates from a place of peace and it is a fuel to your outward appearance. Shine in beauty. Be You.

Who is Rosebud Tsikira? Someone worth keeping up with.

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