Your First Impression – A striking personal brand (1)

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I don’t know about you, but my face doesn’t usually express my true thoughts and feelings. Of course there are few of those occasions when it splashes my heart and mind, showing all the happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust. But I have often been misread. Suffice to say, I could make a good poker face. It’s frustrating when my face says “this”, when I want to say “that”. That’s because facial expressions are an important part of non-verbal communication. In fact, your total impression has an effect on your communication. Yet sometimes, all you have is a first impression.

Fortunately there are things you can control and manage when it comes to the image you project out there. It’s not about faking or becoming a con artist. The idea is to learn to communicate effectively, in much the same way as you master a language. Consider this;

  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Maximize your potential
  • Business relies on some level of predictability. It translates to dependability. This is why you need to be cultured for business.

Tips To Improve Your First Impression

Managing your personal brand is not just keeping up appearances but developing meaningful impression. This means you may have to learn grooming and etiquette from a pro. Otherwise here are quick tips.

  1. Be Yourself – As previously mentioned, it’s not deception but taking control of your expressions.
  2. Remember your total appearance makes a solid impression. Dress for the occasion and handle yourself appropriately. Focus not only on the ideas you represent but also other people’s values. Be courteous and attentive.
  3. Be Confident – Deal with your insecurities. That way you will be able to express yourself confidently. You won’t be freaked out by other people’s ideas. As a result you will be welcome.
  4. Be time conscious – Time, like a first impression can not be recovered. With that in mind, the way you manage your time will speak volumes about you.
  5. Be human – Define your code and live by it. But don’t be a robot. Let your style be natural on you. For example, being time conscious does not mean being uneasy, glancing at the time piece every now and again. And for ladies, you will learn that there is variety as far make up is concerned; from the subtle no-makeup makeup to as loud as you are comfortable.

Since you will probably meet people from different walks of life, you will have to decide on case basis, how to present the best of you.

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