Decisions you may regret in love ❤️Memories of what could have been👣

Hashe Magazine - Black Rose Edition - Decisions you may regret in love
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Have you ever walked away from someone, only to find yourself haunted by memories of what could have been? Of all the decisions you may regret in love, self-sabotage is the worst. For instance, you can kill your dreams for love; that’s self-sabotage! Another mistake is running away from a dream-come-true love? Below is a romantic letter addressed to a loved one who now represents a missed opportunity.

Every moment with you was blissful. I don’t remember a day I went to bed without a smile on my face. You made me feel wanted and appreciated. The compliments you threw in every now and then made a girl feel good about herself. When you constantly told me “I love you”, it felt like the first time every single time;music to my ears, the perfect melody to my heart.

Never in a day, did I think I would love you, but much to my disbelief, I fell for every single thing you did. You reminded my heart what it was like to have it smile.

Talking about a future with someone and see the possibility of it happening; that is a priceless conversation. Ours was a love to describe as fulfilling; satisfactory. Living the dream. A dream it was. Reality was never too far. We were living on borrowed time. I knew the day would never come when you would ever walk away from me. I had a talk with reality and she told me to walk away while I still could, with my heart still intact.

Stupid of me I did listen! Now I ask myself why I broke my own heart. Why I pushed you away even when my heart screamed NO! Why I dug a wide trench between us when all I craved for was your touch, your look, your voice; YOU.

All I have now is memories of what could have been but will never become. I fumbled your heart. All I want to say is thank you for being my dream and a lot more that only our hearts can testify to.

You are the first thought in my mind every morning. The random thought I have every time I’m not speaking. The only regret I have before I close my eyes to end the night.

..And with every moment, I tell my heart that, when the stars align, when the universe is on our side, you will be mine, in the next lifetime, I PROMISE.

Good bye my lover, my heart’s desire

“Letter to my ex” was taken from Hashe MagazineBlack Rose Edition. This is one of the decisions you may regret in love.

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