Chicken Pot! And Lawrence tried Chicken Pot. Are you trying?

Chicken Pot in the making
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He said he was going to try something new… We said we will share in the adventure and get some inspiration.. And Lawrence tried chicken pot.

..lets do a chicken pot, I was worried that it wasn’t going to come out right but we made it work.

Lawrence Gumbo
Unless you are already trying something new, try something new now! About a fortnight ago, Lawrence Gumbo posted that he was trying something new, “Stay at home cook for yourself..” We decided to trace his steps and we found that every Sunday Gumbo tries some new eats.

There you have it.. Lawrence’s adventure was a success. We skipped one or two steps. For example, preparing the pie dough. The idea is to get you started. There are many recipes available on the net. and good ideas too. For instance Samantha a full time food blogger offers a recipe and interesting ideas about chicken pot pie. And remember, this is not just about cooking but trying something new. Speaking of which; are you trying something new? Even outside the kitchen!

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